Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Good vs. Evil

By Mark Frost

Good vs. Evil

Good vs. evil is a tale as old as time. Yes, even older than Beauty and the Beast, which isn't about good and evil at all. Very misleading, Disney.

One of the most popular good vs. evil narratives is God vs. Satan, seen in movies like the History Channel's God vs. Satan and books like the Bible. You can't go wrong with this classic rivalry, which might be why The Paladin Prophecy alludes to God and a Satan-like evil power. This being a modern all-American story, though, what we actually get are two sides that seem to operate as corporations, with God as the CEO of the good side and Will starting as an entry-level employee. How far up this corporate ladder can he climb?

Questions About Good vs. Evil

  1. Who do you consider a good guy? Who do you consider a bad guy? Are there characters who fall into a neutral gray area?
  2. What are the bad guys' goals? Do the good guys have a goal beyond "stop the bad guys"?
  3. Is Lyle an evil person because he works for the bad guys? Is Will a good person because he works for the good guys?

Chew on This

Because both sides are shrouded in secrecy, it can be difficult to determine which people are on the good side and which people are on the bad side. Neither side values transparency.

Demons are always evil, and this book is no different. Poor demons always get a bad rap.