Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Power

By Mark Frost


We all know the national anthem of the United States, or at least the parts about rockets and bombs. These days it can seem like people are a little power hungry. Either they want it, or they already have it and want to keep it. Perhaps we should change the anthem to "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"?

Well, that would definitely be a good school song for the Center for Integrated Learning, the top-secret academy Will attends in The Paladin Prophecy. The school wants to raise its students to be the future leaders of not just America but the world itself. Will Will use his power to rule diplomatically, or will Will use his power to crush others with an iron fist? And will we stop saying "will Will" anytime soon? Probably not.

Questions About Power

  1. What are Will's powers, and not just the supernatural ones? What can Will do that others can't—or won't?
  2. But speaking of supernatural powers, where do Will's supernatural powers come from? How does he use them to help himself and others?
  3. Why is power, both physical and political, so important to the Center?

Chew on This

Will can't rely on his powers alone. He must find out the powers his friends and roommates have and learn how they can all work together as a team.

Both the good guys and the bad guys have similar powers, but which side they are on is determined by how they use those powers.