Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Technology

By Mark Frost


If you want to enter another reality, all you have to do today is strap on your Oculus Rift and enter the virtual experience of your choice.

Before high-tech virtual reality was a thing, books were the virtual reality of choice. Read a few words, and you're transported into another world, are we right? Well, what we've got here is virtual reality times two: it's a book that explores weird futuristic technology. In The Paladin Prophecy, Will not only must grapple with demons from another dimension, but he also must deal with enemy robots, strange new computer systems, and an anti-virus program less helpful than McAfee. That might be more dangerous than the demons.

Questions About Technology

  1. Why does the Center restrict use of technology on its grounds?
  2. How does Will use technology to help him with his mission? How do the bad guys use technology against him?
  3. Does Will understand technology as well as others his age do? Or is he inexperienced with it?

Chew on This

As important as technology is in this day and age, the protagonist of a story is rarely the person most adept with it. The Paladin Prophecy is no different. Will isn't a master of technology, so he needs Ajay to be his techno geek sidekick.

Some of the good guys' technology in The Paladin Prophecy is within the realm of possibility, or at least on the edges of it—think of the shape-shifting tablet, for example. But the bad guys' technology is totally in the realm of fantasy.