Study Guide

The Family in The Power and the Glory

By Graham Greene

The Family

The family consists of a mother, a father, their two young daughters and one son named Luis. The parents are doing the best they can to continue raising the children Catholic—the mother more than the father. She reads to them from a prohibited religious book. The father is supportive, but not as involved.

The two daughters are enthralled with the religious story the mother reads—a harrowing tale of a young priest named Juan who became a martyr in the persecution. The son, Luis, doesn't enjoy listening to the book and lashes out in frustration. He doesn't understand his mother's devotion to unbelievable stories. He's more taken with the lieutenant, his patrol, and his gun.

In time, Luis comes to appreciate the sacrifice priests have made and his parents' risks in keeping the faith alive in their family. Atta boy.