Study Guide

The Lehrs in The Power and the Glory

By Graham Greene

The Lehrs

Mr. and Miss Lehr are good-natured, hospitable Lutherans who care for the priest after he's escaped. Mr. Lehr is none too fond of the Catholic practices of the priest, but he helps him nonetheless. His sister, Miss Lehr, would like to attend a Mass, but won't do it because it displeases her brother….and may very well get her killed.

Their life is comparatively better than most of those who live around them. Miss Lehr is (or was) a tad naïve about the world. A newspaper she once read in Pittsburgh "opened her eyes" to the dreadfulness of human society (3.1.96). That's all it took?

The two of them remind us of the Good Samaritan: they help another who is not one of their own. In this they are like the unbelieving Coral Fellows—non-Catholics who exemplify Christian charity. Jesus would be proud.