Study Guide

Citizens of Barberton in The Power of One

By Bryce Courtenay

Citizens of Barberton

Barberton is a small town, and all of its residents seem to fall for Peekay. He gets send-off parties and welcome home parties every time he comes home or goes off to school, and his boxing wins are felt with pride by all of the townspeople.

Mr. Bornstein (Miss Bornstein's father) is a lawyer partnered up with Mr. Andrews, who plays chess with Peekay and Doc; Marie is a nurse who teams up with Peekay's mom to save souls for Jesus; Pastor Mulvery is in charge of the Apostolic Mission, where Peekay and his mom go to church; and Mr. Hankin is the newspaper editor who will say anything, even if it isn't true, to put in a good word for England and sell a newspaper.