Study Guide

The Price of Salt, or Carol Chapter 2

By Patricia Highsmith

Chapter 2

  • Therese's boyfriend, Richard, organizes a meeting with Phil McElroy, a friend who may be able to get Therese a job in the theatre.
  • She designs sets as a hobby and wants to make it a career.
  • Therese buys "six cans of beer and some blue cheese" (2.8), which is certainly one approach to dinner.
  • They meet up with Phil and his brother, Dannie.
  • They know some people who know some people who are trying to produce a small play called Small Rain. It's about rain.
  • Phil likes Therese's cardboard set models and says he will talk to the director and put in a good word for her.
  • The next day, Therese calls the director and is told the job is hers. Huzzah.