Study Guide

The Price of Salt, or Carol Chapter 9

By Patricia Highsmith

Chapter 9

  • Carol pays a visit to Therese's apartment.
  • She brings her a suitcase as a present and asks her about her new job as a stage designer.
  • Therese says she's trying to save money for a Broadway union membership, which costs two thousand dollars. Remember, that's in 1950s money. So whoa.
  • Carol offers to loan her the money, because she has thousands of dollars to spare, but Therese refuses.
  • Richard shows up and meets Carol.
  • Therese lies to Richard and says they met because Therese returned Carol's wallet, which she lost in the store.
  • Richard doesn't understand why Therese wants to hang out with Carol instead of him.
  • But Therese sends Richard away and goes out with Carol that night instead. "It was a glorious evening" (9.139).