Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 1, Chapter 3: Section 1

By Graham Greene

Part 1, Chapter 3: Section 1

  • Pyle meets Phuong at the Continental a couple months after his arrival. She's with Fowler at a table.
  • Pyle has been sitting with the American Economic Attaché, Joe, and invites them over to his table.
  • The attaché speaks glowingly of the reporters out on the field of battle and ask Fowler why he's not among them. Fowler answers that he's tired of flying four hours for a press conference.
  • One of those reporters, Bill Granger, shows up drunk, joins them, and makes a few lewd comments at Phuong. The attaché had just been singing his praises and courage under fire.
  • Granger, it turns out, goes where he's allowed and stays as safe as he can. He's off to the House of Five Hundred Girls.
  • Pyle invites Fowler and Phuong to dinner, or tries to invite them. Granger drunkenly interrupts him.
  • They decide to go elsewhere. Granger tries to get into a trishaw with Phuong, but Pyle diverts him.
  • In route, Fowler tells Phuong that he likes Pyle and Phuong says that he's quiet.
  • When they arrive outside the Chalet, Fowler instructs Phuong to find them a table while he goes over to the House of Five Hundred Girls, feeling that the innocent Pyle needs his protection and help.
  • He's right. With little difficulty, he gets Pyle out of the place and invites him to join Phuong and him at the Chalet.
  • Pyle complains about the treatment of women where he was.