Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 2, Chapter 2: Section 4

By Graham Greene

Part 2, Chapter 2: Section 4

  • Fowler's left ankle is injured. He cannot put weight on it without tremendous pain.
  • On the ground, less than fully conscious, he hears no sign of Pyle.
  • He hears weeping from the tower.
  • Then Pyle whispering his name.
  • In too much pain, Fowler bids Pyle go away.
  • Instead, Pyle helps him.
  • Fowler cries in vexation and pain. Pyle tells him to be quiet for fear of capture.
  • They rest when they come to mud and water, submerging into the coldness to hide from pursuers.
  • Fowler is still vexed, asking Pyle who asked him to save his life. He came east to be killed.
  • They hear footsteps and duck into the water after Fowler sneezes.
  • They wait.
  • A bonfire has started: Fowler's car.
  • Pyle tells Fowler he saved him because he couldn't have faced Phuong afterwards. He then goes off to check the area.
  • Feeling bad about bringing pain and probably death to the boys in the tower, Fowler wants to get out of the water to join them.
  • It's not that he's selfless. He doesn't like it when he can't think only of himself.