Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 2, Chapter 3: Section 1

By Graham Greene

Part 2, Chapter 3: Section 1

  • Fowler arrives home. Phuong helps him in. He's glad she's still around. He wasn't sure if she would be.
  • He asks her if she's seen any movies lately, secretly wondering if a letter from his wife Helen has come.
  • It has. Phuong has not read it.
  • The letter is long, taking its time. Fowler reads it while drinking brandy and with the occasional interrupting question from Phuong.
  • Helen will not divorce him, but Fowler lies to Phuong, telling her that she hasn't yet made up her mind.
  • He writes to Pyle, lying to him as well, only more boldly, saying the divorce is imminent.