Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 3, Chapter 1: Section 1

By Graham Greene

Part 3, Chapter 1: Section 1

  • Fowler and Vigot play dice at a restaurant. We're back to the time after Pyle's death.
  • According to Vigot, the police found Pyle's dog, its throat slit, in the mud fifty yards from Pyle's body.
  • Fowler asks if Vigot is still interested in the case. The officer responds that the American Minister has been pestering them to find information.
  • Vigot hints that Fowler knows more about Pyle's death than he's letting on. He tells the reporter that he's engaged, involved—not in religion, as they've been discussing—but with Pyle's death.
  • He asks to see Fowler that evening, just to talk.