Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 3, Chapter 1: Section 5

By Graham Greene

Part 3, Chapter 1: Section 5

  • Truin hosts Fowler at the opium house than evening, but doesn't smoke.
  • He explains that the day's bombing doesn't bother him as their risk was as great as their target's. He detests napalm bombing, however. It's done from a distance and in safety.
  • Fowler again says he's not involved, but Truin tells him he'll take sides some day.
  • Disagreeing, Fowler tells him he's going back to England now that his girl has left him.
  • They talk of justice.
  • Truin describes the first time he dropped napalm—it was on the village where he was born. He knew the baker and other residents.
  • They compare love and war.
  • Later, on the advice of Truin, Fowler sleeps with another woman, or tries to. The memory of Phuong drains him of desire.