Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 4, Chapter 2: Section 1

By Graham Greene

Part 4, Chapter 2: Section 1

  • Fowler arrives at Mr. Chou's residence and asks for Mr. Heng. He doesn't seem to be in.
  • After a short delay, a woman there ushers Fowler to a place a few blocks away where he finds him.
  • Mr. Heng had heard the news of the attack. He's staying away from Mr. Chou's for a while. Even though he had nothing to do with the attack, it's the job of the police to find a culprit.
  • Fowler informs Mr. Heng that Pyle is to blame.
  • Mr. Heng agrees.
  • Fowler asks if Pyle is with the O.S.S., a U.S. intelligence agency. Mr. Heng surmises that the initials are different.
  • Knowing that the police aren't interested in General ThĂ© and that they can't touch Pyle, an American, Fowler asks how Pyle can be stopped.
  • Would he be prepared to help them, Mr. Heng asks?
  • Mr. Heng suggests that Fowler invite Pyle to dinner at six thirty at the Vieux Moulin. They will apprehend Pyle on the way.
  • What will they do? They'll act as gently as the situation allows. That sounds like it could cover a lot of ground. Well, you know what happens.
  • Fowler agrees. He's taking sides at last.