Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 4, Chapter 2: Section 3

By Graham Greene

Part 4, Chapter 2: Section 3

  • Figuring he ought to keep to the plan he told Pyle, Fowler goes to the cinema.
  • On the way out, he runs into Wilkins and tells him that he'll be dining at the Vieux Moulin that evening.
  • Wilkins says that Granger will be there.
  • Fowler watches Robin Hood in the theater.
  • When he gets to the restaurant, he asks for a table of one.
  • After sitting for twenty minutes, he orders dinner.
  • He listens for some sound outside, but Granger's table is too raucous.
  • Granger comes over to his table, drunk and hardly able to talk.
  • He's upset because he's learned his son back in the States has polio and work prevents him from going back home. His partner, Connolly, is sick, and can't cover for him.
  • Granger says he praying that his son doesn't die. He'd prefer God take his life instead.
  • He then confesses that Connolly is not really sick but away for pleasure. Granger doesn't want to get his partner fired.
  • Granger returns to his table and Fowler to his apartment.