Study Guide

The Quiet American Part 4, Chapter 3

By Graham Greene

Part 4, Chapter 3

  • Phuong has returned from seeing a movie. She asks if Vigot has left.
  • He has.
  • Phuong tells Fowler about the movie she saw. It was about the French Revolution.
  • Apparently Granger was also at the movie, laughing. Phuong is offended, but Fowler has heard today that his son is out of danger. Granger is in a celebratory mood.
  • Phuong hands Fowler a telegram that has come.
  • It's from his wife, Helen.
  • She's granting him the divorce.
  • Phuong is excited the she'll be the next "Mrs Fowlair."
  • Fowler asks if she misses Pyle. She doesn't answer.
  • He suggests ways that Pyle would have made a better husband. Phuong answers that she's content with him. She goes to tell her sister.
  • Fowler thinks of the day he met Pyle, how everything has gone his way since he got involved, and how he wishes there was someone to whom he could say he was sorry.