Study Guide

Ammit the Devourer in The Red Pyramid

By Rick Riordan

Ammit the Devourer

"Cute little thing" is how Thoth describes Ammit the Devourer (25.69). Color us skeptical. The first time Sadie sees Ammit, here's how she describes him: "It had the head of a crocodile with a lion's mane. The front half of its body was lion, but the back end was sleek, brown, and fat—a hippo, I decided. The odd bit was, the animal was tiny—I mean, no larger than an average poodle, which I suppose made him a hippodoodle" (28.86).

Perhaps "hippodoodle" doesn't sound very threatening, but according to Anubis, he only has to be big enough to devour the souls of the wicked. Apparently the souls of the wicked are shriveled and tiny from lack of love and giving, so if you're not a good person, you should be very, very afraid.