Study Guide

Geb in The Red Pyramid

By Rick Riordan


The god of earth is, no joke, made of earth. Here's how he appears to Sadie in a vision: "His body was made of sand that curtained off his arms and chest like waterfalls of sugar. The sand shifted across his face until he formed a vague smile" (31.46).

Geb seems like a good-natured guy, despite everything he's been through. He sympathizes with Sadie losing so much of her family, saying that he's been there too: "I gave up my happiness, my wife—I took on the curse of Ra so that my children could be born…And while I miss my beloved more each millennium, I know neither of us would change our choice. I have five children whom I love" (31.60).

Even Set? Yep, Geb even loves his rebellious son Set. We are impressed by his boundless fatherly love. Sometimes family ties trump everything else.