Study Guide

The Red Tent Part Three, Chapter Three

By Anita Diamant

Part Three, Chapter Three

  • Benia ends up delivering the box to Dinah, but she isn't there to receive it. And since she is shy and still troubled, she never sends any word to him.
  • After that, Meryt and Dinah are summoned to even more distant neighborhoods. In one case, a woman dies, and a man in the house tries to kill Meryt and Dinah.
  • Dinah gets her cursing tongue out and curses the man out pretty badly.
  • So Dinah's reputation as the foreign midwife is a bit sullied at this point.
  • Then the bad stuff starts happening again: Re-nefer dies in her sleep, and Nakht-re dies the following season.
  • The new mistress who moves in is pretty nasty.
  • Meanwhile, Meryt is offered a home by her son, Menna, who has become the chief baker at a larger house.
  • Though Meryt wants to go very badly, she can't leave Dinah behind. But after Menna's wife comes to visit, Meryt can't help but ask if Dinah could come with them.
  • Menna isn't too pumped about having to house another aging woman, but he consents for Meryt's sake. Plus, Dinah is known as a good gardener.
  • So Dinah moves to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to live with Menna and Meryt and their whole family.
  • When they arrive, Meryt is treated like a queen, and she has many grandchildren that she had yet to meet. It's a grand old time.
  • Dinah is kind of the elephant in the room, but then Meryt starts yapping about how Dinah is known throughout the land as a magical midwife.
  • Yeesh, so embarrassing.
  • Thus Dinah begins her life with Meryt's family, where she does absolutely nothing until one day she can't take it anymore.
  • Dinah leaves to go fetch water from the city because the boredom is killing her.
  • In the city, Dinah finds a pregnant woman and offers to deliver her baby. The woman says she is unlucky and will never give birth to a living baby.
  • But Dinah is da best and helps the unlucky lady give birth to a healthy baby. From then on, Dinah gets pretty famous in town and pretty soon becomes known as the best the midwife in the city.
  • Even Menna is all like, Ahhh, you're the best, Dinah. You're like an auntie now—even though he pretty much ignored her at first.
  • One day, a letter arrives for Dinah: it's from Re-mose, who's got news the he's becoming a scribe for someone new.
  • The next day, another man shows up asking for Dinah—and not for her skills as a midwife.
  • Yep, it's Benia looking for Dinah.
  • So Dinah approaches Benia, unaware that it could possibly be him, and she's overcome with longing. She follows him back to his house, and they get it on.
  • So, yeah—that's their first date.
  • Benia's a carpenter, so his house is just filled with furniture. He offers Dinah a beautiful box that he made, and she accepts it, along with his proposal of marriage. Well, that escalated quickly.
  • Hooray, Dinah's married again.
  • From then on, Benia and Dinah have a very happy life together. Dinah works as a midwife, while Benia continues his carpentry.
  • Dinah and Benia tell stories about their past. Benia talks about how he married young and lost his wife and children to river fever.
  • Benia married a second wife right after Dinah rejected him, but she was much too young, and he was much too old. The marriage ended after two weeks.
  • Dinah also tells Benia a bit about her life—like how she woke up next to her dead husband.
  • Everything is going great in Dinah's new life, and it's about time.