Study Guide

The Red Tent Part Two, Chapter Six

By Anita Diamant

Part Two, Chapter Six

  • When Dinah gets back to her family, everything is different. Her brothers and father are disgusting and rude, and even her mother is overly critical and demanding.
  • Dinah gets really upset and starts sleeping in Rachel's tent, which upsets Leah.
  • Dinah hints that it isn't anyone else who had changed; it's Dinah herself transitioning into adulthood.
  • Meanwhile, Jacob has been having dreams about Shechem, a city that sells wool and livestock for good prices.
  • The sons are able to strike a deal with the king, Hamor, to acquire land there. So the family moves to Shechem.
  • While there, three more of Dinah's brothers are married.
  • Also, Simon and Levi start getting even more belligerent.
  • In the following spring, Dinah has her first month—meaning she has become a woman.
  • When the women find out, they all pamper Dinah with smiles and food, and she basically lives like a queen.
  • Then Rachel brings the teraphims into the red tent, which makes everyone fall silent.
  • Dinah doesn't know what is going on, but everyone else does.
  • The women take Dinah outside, where they make a blood offering to Innana, Queen of the Night.
  • In a nutshell, the women insert the teraphim that is shaped like a frog into Dinah in order to open her womb.
  • That night, Dinah dreams about the Egyptian goddess Taweret, a goddess who lives in the river.
  • The problem with this whole sacrifice thing is that Levi's wife, Inbu, sees all of it going down. And since not all of the wives of the men practice religion and womanhood the same way, Inbu tells Levi about the sacrifice.
  • And then Levi tells Jacob.
  • And Jacob is very disturbed.
  • So Jacob took the teraphims and smashes them to pieces out by a mountain.
  • Ever since then, Jacob starts to frown at the red tent.
  • But not everything is going too badly for Dinah, as Rachel starts training her to become a midwife.
  • In one case, Dinah is even allowed to help with a birth, after which Rachel tells her she will become a good midwife.