Study Guide

The Red Tent Part Two, Chapter Two

By Anita Diamant

Part Two, Chapter Two

  • Jacob eventually tells Zilpah about how his gods told him it was time to return to Canaan, the land of his father.
  • Rachel is pumped about leaving. Leah and Bilhah are saddened, but know that they have to leave. Zilpah refuses to go because she will be leaving all of her gods behind.
  • If you haven't noticed, Zilpah is super superstitious.
  • Rachel comes up with a plan to convince Zilpah to go: they will take all of the gods with them, and they'll also steal Laban's gods.
  • By the way, Dinah is in the red tent the whole time the women decide everything. She gets pretty scared and has nightmares.
  • Jacob tries to convince Laban to let him leave with his family, but Laban is too stubborn and nasty. Jacob ultimately convinces him by threatening that his gods will be vengeful against Laban for not complying.
  • Laban is a bad dude, but he's a scaredy-cat when it comes to the gods.
  • The family decides to leave in three months; in that time, some bad stuff happens.
  • One morning, Ruti doesn't appear to be present. Everyone goes out to look for her, and Dinah find her dead.
  • Ugh, not a great way to experience death for the first time.
  • Kemuel and Beor came to pick their mother up—literally: Kemuel just slings her over his shoulder—and they don't really care about her death. They almost seem glad.
  • Laban leaves a few days later on a trip and tells Jacob that when he comes back, everyone can leave.
  • During this time, Kemuel takes control of everyone. But Rachel tricks him by slipping a sleeping herb in all of his drinks. The perks of being a midwife.
  • The next night, Rachel steals Laban's gods. Dinah follows her in silence.
  • The next morning, the family is supposed to leave, but Laban hasn't returned from his trip.
  • Though Jacob doubts that Laban would be plotting against them, he decides to leave without saying the proper goodbye—which pains him, because he's an honorable man.
  • And they're off, folks.