Study Guide

The Red Tent Love

By Anita Diamant


There's a whole lot of lovin' going around in The Red Tent—in both the book and in the actual red tent. Since the main focus for most of the book revolves around childbirth, we get to see the love lives of all of Laban's daughters. Leah, Rachel, and Bilhah all fall in love with Jacob, but Zilpah is rather repulsed by men in general. Similarly, these women all give birth and have an immense love for their children that exceeds any kind of romantic love for them.

And then there's Dinah, the woman who falls in love twice—but that's another story.

Questions About Love

  1. Does Re-nefer love Dinah for who she is, or does she love her because she gives her a son?
  2. Does Jacob love any of his wives more than others? Or does he love them equally?
  3. Is Dinah's love for Benia the same as her love for Shalem?

Chew on This

After Shalem was killed, Dinah could no longer love romantically. Her marriage and love for Benia were based instead on a need for compassion.

Though he loved all of his wives, Jacob loved Leah the most because she was his first bride and because she was the one to take the place of Rachel after the initial wedding.