Study Guide

The Red Tent Versions of Reality

By Anita Diamant

Versions of Reality

All right—dreams and visions are super strange in The Red Tent. One night, Dinah's dreaming about great things, and she doesn't want to wake up. Next night, she's screaming in terror and waking up sweating. And then there are the weird dreams that involve people turning into birds and such. So, what do all of these dreams mean?

Well, dreams pretty much indicate the emotional state of these characters—particularly their turmoil. When Jacob has nightmares about his brother, these nightmares highlight his constant state of fear and remorse. When Dinah dreams about sparkling water and sunshine, the dream highlights her serenity at the moment. Want to know what's up with a character? Look at his or her dreams.

Questions About Versions of Reality

  1. Are Dinah's dreams premonitions of the future? The past? The present?
  2. Do Jacob's dreams reveal weakness?
  3. Dinah's dreams often flip-flop from being good to bad. Why?

Chew on This

Dinah's life is in constant turmoil, so her dreams are indicators of her divided heart.

Dreams have more to do with characters' spirituality than with the specifics of reality in The Red Tent.