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Mr. Binford in The Reivers

By William Faulkner

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Mr. Binford

Like Butch, Mr. Binford is sexist, racist, and corrupt. He's the grimy landowner of Miss Reba's brothel. He's disrespectful and just downright rude. He also antagonizes Boon at the dinner table and insults all of the women in his presence: "You have to act like ladies some of the time but you don't know how" (5.74).

Ugh, he just makes our skin crawl.

But like Otis, Mr. Binford doesn't cause any real harm, and he just disappears from the narrative when the adventures move on to the racetracks in Parsham. He fades into a memory after Lucius's adventure, but one that makes Lucius realize the kind of man he does not want to become.

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