Study Guide

The Reivers Chapter 1

By William Faulkner

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Chapter 1

  • Lucius Priest tells us all about his childhood world. Now an older guy in the 1960s, he tells us a story from when he was eleven years old, which was back in 1905.
  • Lucius's grandfather is a prominent banker in Jefferson, Mississippi. He owns a large farm property that employs lots of people, including Boon Hogganbeck.
  • Oh, Boon, how does one even begin to describe you? Boon is large in size—about six feet tall—but he has the mentality of a child.
  • Boon is playful and irrational—so much so, in fact, that he steals John Powell's pistol and chases Luster, another farm worker, all around town for calling him mean names.
  • However, with Boon chasing Luster around, everyone knows Luster is safe. Boon can't shoot a pistol to save his life.
  • Okay, so some shop windows are shattered, and a little girl takes a bullet to the buttocks. But other than that, everything turns out fine, and Boon and Luster get over their little disagreement.
  • Welcome to Lucius's world. Welcome to Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County.

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