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The Reivers Chapter 13

By William Faulkner

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Chapter 13

  • Grandfather isn't as mad as everyone thought he would be, especially when Ned explains that all the horse needs to do is win the next race, and he'll have all the money he needs to pay off Bobo's debt and get the car back.
  • Everyone, including Grandfather, bets a lot of money on the horse, under the impression that they'll make it all back.
  • Great plan, only the horse loses the race.
  • Why? Because Ned didn't feed the horse sardines. In fact, he wanted Lightning to lose, and he bet against him so that he could take all of Grandfather's money and get back at him for not treating him like family all these years.
  • Yikes.
  • With that, the adventure draws to a close.
  • Lucius accompanies Boon, Miss Corrie, and Grandfather in the car, and the four head back up to Jefferson, with Boon, of course, driving the beloved automobile.
  • Miss Corrie and Boon are married and soon have a baby. They name him Lucius Priest Hogganbeck.

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