Study Guide

The Reivers Chapter 4

By William Faulkner

Chapter 4

  • Boon is furious, but that's mainly because Ned wants to drive. Boon is very possessive of the vehicle.
  • Ned explains that he has more of a right to a trip than Lucius does because he is family, after all. Boon reluctantly agrees to let Ned go with them.
  • The three dudes stop by the Ballenbaugh property for some food, then continue on their journey.
  • Hitting Hell Creek bottom, our heroes have to pass through a swampy, muddy plot of land. The vehicle gets stuck.
  • Boon and Lucius jump in to push the car, but Ned refuses. They eventually convince him to help.
  • All the while, a man sitting on his porch watches from afar.
  • The man and his mules come over, and the man offers to help rescue the car for a small sum of money.
  • Boon acknowledges that this man has helped for two dollars in the past, and he agrees to pay him the same amount.
  • The man's mules pull the car out of the mud, and the man demands six dollars. What? No way.
  • Here's the man's reasoning: he used to charge one dollar per passenger. Since there were two men last year, that was two dollars. Now, however, he's doubled the price. So it's two dollars per passenger, and there's three passengers. There, six dollars.
  • Boon is up in arms, but he pays and moves on towards Memphis.

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