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The Reivers Chapter 6

By William Faulkner

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Chapter 6

  • Much to Boon's horror, Ned reveals that he has sold grandfather's car for a horse. He claims that Grandfather never wanted a car in the first place and would rather have had a horse, anyway.
  • Lucius quickly touches his pocket to feel for the key, and he finds that it's still there.
  • Nobody knows how Ned managed to sneak the car out.
  • Boon asks what exactly Ned plans to do with the horse, and Ned reveals that he plans to race him to get Grandfather's automobile back.
  • Boon is livid. "How the hell are you going to use the horse to win the automobile back from the man that has already give you the horse for it?" (6.10), he asks.
  • Ned explains that the man who sold him the horse doesn't think he can race, so Ned intends to train the horse and trick him.
  • Lucius finds he believes Ned, and he tells us a brief story about how Ned once trained mules and turned them into racehorses. Okay, so the guy has some pretty good cred.
  • But then there's a twist: suddenly, all at once, Miss Reba, Miss Corrie, and Boon realize that the horse is stolen, and that the cops will surely come looking for it.
  • So, everyone devises a plan to smuggle the horse (at this point named Lightning) to Parsham, where the racetracks are located.
  • Miss Reba offers her railroad connection, Sam, and everyone soon finds that they are all becoming involved in a ploy of questionable legality.

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