Study Guide

The Reivers Lies and Deceit

By William Faulkner

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Lies and Deceit

Can we get a Big Mac with a side of lies?


Anyway, lies, lies, and more lies: that's what we've got in The Reivers. From the moment he agrees to help Boon sneak Boss Priest's car out of town, Lucius covers his lies with more lies. He's quite conscious of all of the lies he's telling; he even claims he's never told so many in his life. But are all lies bad? Lucius's lies kinds of cause him to embark on the most transformative adventure of his life, after all, right? Is anyone harmed by his lies?

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Are some characters more prone to lying than others?
  2. What role does deceit play in the situation between Miss Corrie and Butch?
  3. Which character is the most deceitful? Who tells the most lies?
  4. Is Grandfather capable of lying?

Chew on This

When Boss Priest's automobile arrives in town, it brings along with it sin and temptation, which in turn cause Lucius to lie for the first time.

Lucius has always been capable of lying, and the introduction of the Boss Priest's automobile into Jefferson brings out what he was always capable of doing.

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