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The Reivers Manipulation

By William Faulkner

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Peer pressure, folks—it's a thing. Just ask Lucius, our hero, who's constantly finding himself manipulated by the big boys. Well, okay, but is he really that naïve? Or does he allow himself to be swayed? Temptation comes in many forms, whether we're prodded by others or seduced by the exciting possibilities that accompany risk and sin. The Reivers offers an interesting look at manipulation, and at just how easy it can sometimes be to let yourself go off in a dangerous, though enticing, direction.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. Are some characters more easily manipulated than others? Are some characters more manipulative than others?
  2. Is manipulation linked to gender? Race?
  3. In what ways does Miss Corrie suffer the worst form of manipulation?
  4. Are some characters manipulated into making good choices? Or do all manipulative efforts yield negative results?

Chew on This

Lucius allows himself to be manipulated by Boon and Ned and deliberately chooses to act against his own better judgment.

Boon and Ned completely manipulate Lucius into lying, stealing the car, and racing the horse.

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