Study Guide

The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge Chapter 10: September 15, 1823

By Michael Punke

Chapter 10: September 15, 1823

  • Glass finds an abandoned campsite (presumably left by an Indian group) on top of a hill and settles in for the night. Feels like a storm's a-brewing.
  • Glass looks down into the valley below and sees an incredible sight: "thousands of buffalo" grazing (1.10.5). They look...delicious.
  • There's a group of eight wolves nearby who seem to be thinking the same thing. Glass watches as the alpha wolf starts bounding towards the buffalo, his pack following close behind.
  • The pack goes into attack mode, finally managing to take down a calf. The alpha male and his family take first dibs while the rest of them wait.
  • Glass realizes that this is a major opportunity. But how's he supposed to rumble with eight big bad wolves?
  • As he looks around for weapons, Glass notices a bunch of sage lying around. Sage just so happens to burst into flames when it catches on fire, so Glass decides to start grabbing branches.
  • Glass creates a makeshift torch using the sage and builds a fire. He also grabs a few handfuls of branches to use as backup.
  • With that, Glass lights the torch and runs headlong towards a pack of wolves. This is going to turn out well.
  • The wolves are confused by the fire but continue munching on the calf. Meanwhile, Glass hears the "deep bass of thunder" and realizes that it's about to rain (1.10.28). Seriously?
  • Feeling a light drizzle, Glass rushes towards the wolves and swings the torch. One bites him on the shoulder, but he manages to shake it loose.
  • That's when Glass notices clumps of sage surrounding the calf's body. He lights them aflame with his torch, and after the alpha male retreats to their den, the remaining wolves follow.
  • Holy smokes—Glass did it.
  • Glass spends the next three days slowly eating bits of raw meat before building a fire to preserve the rest. The wolves already ate the choice cuts—namely, the organs—but there's still a bunch left.
  • Unsurprisingly, Glass feels tons better. He even builds a crutch so he can finally walk upright.
  • As he sits in front of his fire, full for the first time in a long time, Glass attaches the bear claw to his hawk's-feet necklace. That's what you call frontier chic, people.