Study Guide

The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge Chapter 22: February 27, 1824

By Michael Punke

Chapter 22: February 27, 1824

  • In St. Louis, William Ashley is sitting in his office and enjoying a nice Cuban cigar. The only damper on his day is that he still hasn't heard from Captain Henry. The investors are worried…
  • Meanwhile, Glass is sitting with Henry and Black Harris. Henry says that he'll send Glass with three men to bring a message to St. Louis. Glass agrees—revenge is that way, anyway.
  • And his target happens to be sitting in a saloon at Fort Atkinson right now, trying to win a hand of poker. He has a decent hand, so his hubris leads him to go all in—even with his pelts.
  • He loses. Instead of taking it like a champ, however, Fitzgerald decides to stab the winner, a military lieutenant, in the hand. As one does.
  • The next day, Fitzgerald is given one of two options by an army major: either face imprisonment or join the army. Fitzgerald picks number two.
  • Back at Yellowstone, Bridger approaches Glass as he packs his bags. He apologizes.
  • Glass's response is simple: "Follow your own lead, Bridger" (2.22.49).