Study Guide

The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge Chapter 23: March 6, 1824

By Michael Punke

Chapter 23: March 6, 1824

  • The four men are camping. Pig had volunteered to join the crew, and he's up for late watch tonight.
  • This is observed by two Shoshone boys named "Little Bear and Rabbit" (2.23.9). They're thinking greedily about how much cred they'll get by stealing a few horses.
  • So they do, waiting until Pig falls asleep just before dawn. They manage to get four of the horses out before an errant knife strike awakens our porky friend.
  • Pig approaches them, shouting, gun in hand. Little Bear is terrified and in an attempt to save his buddy stabs Pig with his knife.
  • The rest of the group runs up a few minutes later, just in time to watch Pig breathe his last.