Study Guide

The Revolutionist

By Ernest Hemingway

The Revolutionist Introduction

Question: How much story can you possibly tell in eight paragraphs? And no, we don't mean eight of the longest paragraphs known to mankind—we mean regular length ones. Heck, we're even down to include a couple of shorty one-liners.

Answer: A whole heckofa lot if your name is Ernest Hemingway and you're working on a little ditty called "The Revolutionist."

Originally published in 1925, this short story packs a wallop. Don't believe us? Check this out: It manages to ponder communism, revolution, generational differences, and outlooks on life, as well as ignorance, war, beauty, and more. We've already written three paragraphs, and we've only managed to list those things—no exploration whatsoever has been endeavored so far.

And on that note, we'll stop. After all, we've already written an intro that's half the length of Hemingway's short story.

What is The Revolutionist About and Why Should I Care?

The thing about "The Revolutionist" is that it's super short. We're talking size-twelve-double-spaced-still-wouldn't-fill-the-page short. And yet it manages to tell a lot of story anyway. So more than being a story about war and violence and politics and youth, it's also an example of just how powerful language can be. Which is pretty freaking cool if you think about it: After all, we all use language. And while you may have heard the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword before, this story is a master class in how that can work.

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