Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 1

By Richard Peck

Chapter 1

The Model T Ford Touring Car: 1916

  • The narrator, Howard Leland Hutchings, his father, Dr. William Hutchings, and his 5-year-old twin brothers, Raymond and Earl, pile into the Ford Model T touring car and travel from St. Louis to Grand Tower, Illinois, to visit Dr. Hutchings' family, whom Howard and his brothers have never met.
  • Their mom isn't too happy about it and doesn't go.
  • They arrive at the house, which is situated on a ridge called the Devil's Backbone (gulp), and there they meet Dr. Hutchings' parents, Grandma Tilly and old Dr. Hutchings, along with his aunt and uncle, Noah Pruitt and Delphine.
  • Grandma Tilly and great-uncle Noah are twins. And also, in case it wasn't crystal clear, yes, everyone in this house is super old.