Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 14

By Richard Peck

Chapter 14

  • While Tilly and Delphine wait for Noah to revive, Tilly asks Delphine about her family.
  • She learns that Delphine's father, Jules Duval, has five children in his white family, and that Delphine and Calinda have a brother, Andre, who is being educated in Paris and will stay in France since race is not such a big deal there.
  • While Delphine was expected to find a white man to have a relationship with, their mother has always intended for Calinda to take care of herself with her prophecy skills.
  • Calinda has foreseen that the South will lose the war.
  • When Noah revives, Tilly and Delphine take him home on the train.
  • When they finally arrive, though, something is wrong—Cass looks bad, and Calinda is wearing a black tignon.
  • Cass takes Noah and Tilly to the garden shed while Delphine joins Calinda in the house.
  • The coffin in the garden shed contains the remains of Paw, who fought for the Confederate side in the same battle Noah lost his arm in. It was his coffin Calinda saw in the cards.
  • Tilly tells them that Mama thought the coffin was Noah's, though, and she ran out and drowned herself in the river before they could stop her.