Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 15

By Richard Peck

Chapter 15

Time and the Mississippi River

  • We're back in 1916, and Tilly, now "Grandma Tilly," has been telling Howard this story while Raymond and Earl hang out with great-uncle Noah, their dad hangs out with great-aunt Delphine, and Dr. Hutchings naps. We like Dr. Hutchings' plan best.
  • Grandma Tilly reveals that Delphine never did marry Noah due to the traditions of her people, and Cass died of diphtheria in 1866 after Calinda left to make a new life in California.
  • At the end of the week, the younger Hutchings say their goodbyes and head out on the road toward St. Louis.
  • On the first night, while the twins sleep, Howard's dad reveals that he's thinking about joining the army as a doctor if the United States gets into the war in Europe.
  • He also reveals that Noah and Delphine are his parents. Delphine was afraid someone would find out her background and hold it against her son, so they always pretended he was Dr. Hutchings and Tilly's child. Ah…
  • Like his dad, Howard feels proud of every part of his background.