Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 4

By Richard Peck

Chapter 4

  • Delphine and Calinda settle into the Pruitts' spare bedroom.
  • The next morning, Mama sneaks into Tilly's room to tell her to be wary—she thinks something's up with the new girls.
  • While Mama and Tilly fix breakfast, Cass yells that Calinda is killing Delphine. It turns out she's just lacing her into her corsets, which does indeed sound like torture, but Delphine is a voluntary victim.
  • While everyone eats breakfast, Mama asks about sending messages to Delphine's mother and aunt, which seems to surprise Delphine a little before she distracts them all with stories about the magnificence of her beautiful mother, Clemence Duval.
  • Then, she announces that she wants to go shopping, like you do in a backwoods river town.