Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 5

By Richard Peck

Chapter 5

  • After Delphine and Calinda spend the morning unpacking, Tilly takes Delphine shopping in town.
  • Though Delphine makes quite an impression on the men of the town, the shops don't impress her much.
  • She orders oil lamps and matches to be delivered to the Pruitts' house, which seems extravagant to everyone.
  • Later, Tilly and Delphine climb the Devil's Footstool, a relatively low rock that looks out over the river. Tilly tells Delphine about her concerns about Cass, and Delphine tells Tilly about her parents.
  • When they get back to the house, they find Calinda cooking jambalaya, a classic New Orleans recipe. Yum.
  • The family sits up late into the night enjoying the new oil lamps and Delphine's and Calinda's company.
  • Noah especially enjoys Delphine's company, if you know what we mean.