Study Guide

The River Between Us Chapter 6

By Richard Peck

Chapter 6

  • As summer arrives, Delphine and Calinda settle into Grand Tower, constantly receiving care packages full of food and clothes and luxuries from Delphine's mom down in New Orleans.
  • Madame Duval sends Mama a beautiful green dress, which Mama promptly puts in the death drawer to be buried in. Yeah, these Pruitts are really fun people.
  • Calinda and Cass grow closer, with Cass helping Calinda with her new business selling pralines to people at the steamboat landing.
  • As the war moves closer, Cass has a terrifying vision, and Curry Marshall leaves town to join the Confederates, leaving Tilly his spelling ribbons. Apparently, giving someone your spelling ribbons was romantic back in the day.
  • Eventually, the blockade stops ships from coming up from New Orleans, so Calinda and Delphine are stuck there.
  • Calinda does Cass' hair up in a tignon like hers, and Delphine loses it, ripping the tignon off Cass' head and screaming at Calinda. No one gets why.
  • After news comes of the North's defeat at the Battle of Bull Run, everyone in town supports the Union cause. Defeat wins supporters, we guess.