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Other Gladers in The Scorch Trials

By James Dashner

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Other Gladers


The other Gladers we catch glimpses of in the Trials are pretty much just Subjects. They're fill-ins. They're bodies. It doesn't seem like WICKED really cares about them, especially given the fact that they all get picked off pretty quickly.

There are a few Gladers who aren't Teresa, Newt, Thomas, Minho, or even Harriet (the leader of Group B) who command a little bit of significance. Frypan, for example, was in charge of food back in the Maze, and he turns up now and then while the kids make their trek through the Scorch. Even so, Frypan is as expendable as someone like Jack, a kid we only know because he gets fried by a lightning bolt.

The other Glader who has a name is Winston, but he just gets his head beaten up by a silver blob in the middle of the book, then he gets lost in the lightning storm.

So, yeah—like we said, these Subjects seem pretty expendable. They're there for bad things to happen to them.

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