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Jorge in The Scorch Trials

By James Dashner

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Similar to Brenda, Jorge is a Crank who hasn't quite gone crazy yet. He's the leader of the sane-Cranks. He's Hispanic, and he likes to call people hermano, the Spanish word for "brother." We should probably pay attention to him, seeing that he gets saved by WICKED at the end of the Trials, just like Brenda.

For the most part, though, Jorge's the Crank equivalent of Minho—sarcastic, pugnacious, and fiery:

"Or you just scared of the Cranks? Scared we'll pull you to the ground and eat your eyeballs out? Mmm, tasty. I love a good eyeball when the grub's runnin' short. Tastes like undercooked eggs." (26.2)

Ah, shut your yap, hermano.

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