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The Scorch Trials Friendship

By James Dashner

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Chapter 6

Minho exchanged a glance with Thomas, half smiling. Looked like both groups had come up with their own vocabulary. (6.16)

Ah, the signs of two people becoming BFFs. Whenever something funny or interesting happens while you're with your friends, it's hard not to take a look at your best friend to see his or her reaction. It's more fun to laugh together than to laugh alone.

Thomas couldn't help but feel sorry for Aris. To get grilled with all these questions after something like that had happened. (6.13)

Sometimes friendship can be formed by empathy or sympathy; in this case, Thomas feels empathetic towards Aris, as Thomas had been in a similar situation.

Chapter 28

But if there was a person other than Teresa on the planet he could truly call a friend, it was Minho. And he couldn't handle losing him, too. (28.7)

Thomas thinks this in the middle of the book—you know, after he has found out Teresa is "The Betrayer." You'd think he would put aside his friendship with Teresa for maybe a second, but because of his experience in the Maze, he simply can't. Romance can do some crazy things to friendships.

Chapter 29

Thomas found himself liking this girl. She'd just drawn blood from his best friend, but he liked her. Maybe, in a small part, because of that. (29.50)

Best friends can be a pretty big nuisance at times—after all, you learn all of their positive and negative qualities—so when you see someone make your best friend look a little silly, that can sometimes pique your interest. In this case, Thomas starts to like Brenda after she makes Minho look bad.

Chapter 30

"I think it would be easier to make it through with fewer people. I'm not really great friends with any of those Cranks. Not like you and your... Gladers." (30.57)

Brenda doesn't have a very strong bond with anyone, which makes her something of a lone renegade. It's a lot easier to get through tough times when you're in a group, as even Brenda finds out, but she does always remain a little distant.

But what if some of them had been captured by whoever had set off the explosion? Or killed? And who had attacked them? Concern seemed to bleed his heart dry as they ran along. (30.5)

Thomas's concern for his fellow Gladers shows how friendship means a whole lot to him. Without his friends, Thomas doesn't feel right—he needs his friends in order to feel whole.

Chapter 35

"Yeah. I can't quit worrying about my other friends. I just hate it so bad that we were separated." (35.4)

Again, Thomas's feelings of separation cause him some massive anxiety. Without his friends, he feels weakened.

Chapter 49

That was it. He'd officially and completely lost any trace of doubt. Teresa had turned against him. Or maybe she had never really been on his side. (49.14)

Mmm, being stabbed in the back is a pretty bad feeling, but being stabbed in the back by your best friend can have some pretty damaging effects on your sense of reality and even your sense of self. Throw some romance into the mix, too, and now you've got yourself a pretty nasty brew of emotions.

Chapter 50

Two people who every instinct had told him were friends. Until now. (50.23)

Yeah, because "The Betrayer" was definitely going to be your friend, Thomas. Right? What was Thomas thinking, anyway? Oh, right—nothing.

Chapter 60

He had to trust his friends to save themselves. Knew he could trust them. (60.13)

Having a grand old time together is definitely one aspect of friendship, but Thomas needs to have trust in his friends' own survival skills. Friendship isn't just friendship in this books; it's also a means of survival. Actually, that's probably true about friendship in general, if you think about it.

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