Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 10

By James Dashner

Chapter 10

  • So, this dude in white won't tell any of the boys why he's there. He just tells them he'll talk when he's ready.
  • Thomas walks up to the dude because that makes sense, and he hits an invisible wall. Yeah, it's like one of those walls you'll find in Call of Duty.
  • Anyway, the guy gets annoyed with Thomas and speaks to him in a nasal voice, telling him that he needs to wait 47 more minutes.
  • Ugh, fine.
  • During this time, Minho tells Thomas to eat, and he refers to the new dude as Rat Man. Hah, good one.
  • In the bathroom, Thomas sees Aris, and it looked like Aris wants to talk to him telepathically, but Thomas ignores him. Hmm, that's not very nice.
  • Finally, everyone gathers around the new guy, and he pulls out a manila folder with lots of papers.
  • The man then drops the bomb about what's going on.
  • So, there are two groups, A and B, with 60 kids each. But Group B isn't important right now—sorry, Aris.
  • The whole Maze thing and the trials the kids are doing now are part of a blueprint, not just an experiment.
  • This man is part of a group called WICKED, and they're using the kids to stimulate the killzone and collect resultant patterns.
  • The what now?
  • Anyway, all of the obstacles the kids face are called Variables, and they're all there for a reason. If the kids continue to survive, they'll help save the human race.
  • WICKED stands for World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department.
  • So these people might be good guys, but who knows at this point.
  • Also, the man reminds the kids that they should never believe anything they see. In fact, sometimes what they don't see is what's real. Great. That's helpful.
  • Oh, and the whole "rescue" they had in Book One as well as the murder of Chuck and the trip in the bus? Yeah, that was a all part WICKED's plan.
  • Now it's time for Phase Two. Yahoo.