Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 12

By James Dashner

Chapter 12

  • Thomas is really upset, which is pretty reasonable.
  • Everyone's screaming and yelling, so Thomas goes to the bathroom for peace and quiet.
  • Thomas tells Minho he thinks that the Flat Trans thing is something similar to the doorway they found on the Griever cliff.
  • Hmm, that's a good assumption.
  • Anyway, Frypan has taken charge of the food, and everyone needs to get ready for this whole Scorch Trials thing.
  • Newt tells Minho they need a leader—which means he's telling Minho he's the leader, especially considering that Minho's tattoo says "The Leader."
  • Minho's all like, Nah I'm no leader. You're the leader, Newt. Stahp it.
  • But, yeah—Minho should probably be the leader.
  • This whole time, Thomas is thinking about his own tattoo and how it says he is to be killed.