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The Scorch Trials Chapter 15

By James Dashner

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Chapter 15

  • The ball that is now the boy's head rolls away, and Thomas is seriously freaked out.
  • The boys all gather around, and Winston deems the boy to be Frankie. Daw, poor Frankie.
  • Newt then finds the metal ball; it's covered in blood.
  • Again, everyone starts freaking out about going back, but Minho tells them to just run forward as fast as they can while ducking.
  • Along the way, a death ball gets another kid.
  • The boys stop when Minho hits his shin on a staircase. Well, we guess there's nowhere else but up from here on out.
  • The kids all climb the stairs, and Minho finds a door-thingy. He opens it, and everyone is blinded by a huge light. Heat rushes in, and Minho's forced to close the door because everyone's eyes are now toasted.
  • The kids wait for a little bit with the door opened a crack so that their eyes can adjust to the light; then Minho opens it again. The light is excruciating, as well as the heat.
  • The boys feel like there's no way they can venture into whatever the light is, when suddenly Winston yells.
  • A giant glob of liquid silver forms on the ceiling, plops off of it, and then floats toward the boys horizontally.
  • Like, what?
  • The glob forms a sphere of silver and flies directly into Winston's face, causing him to tumble down the stairs, screaming.
  • Bye-bye, Winston; it was nice knowin' ya.

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