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The Scorch Trials Chapter 17

By James Dashner

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Chapter 17

  • Before going outside, the boys put on their bedsheets like robes to block the sun and heat. Hmm, good thinkin', Lincoln.
  • Minho enters the fray, and Newt and Thomas follow.
  • It's hot out there. Like, so hot that Thomas can barely breathe.
  • Also, it's a wasteland: no trees, no hills, no valleys. Just dust and rocks.
  • Out in the distance, there are mountains, and halfway to the mountains there's a cluster of buildings resembling a town. These are all north—which is where the kids need to go.
  • But not even the mountains look 100 miles north, which is how far they have to travel (in two weeks).
  • Minho gathers the rest of the boys. Aris and Thomas share a sheet, and they march towards the town.
  • For a little bit, Thomas and Aris talk about the Maze. Aris says that he made memories and things happened with his best friend Rachel—we don't know what this means, though. Maybe it's sexual; maybe it's just sentimental. Who knows at this point?
  • Suddenly, Frypan shouts and points. Two people are running toward them from the town.

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