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The Scorch Trials Chapter 19

By James Dashner

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Chapter 19

  • On their way to Crankville (we're just gonna call it that for now), Thomas hears a girl screaming.
  • It could be Teresa, thinks Thomas, as she's on his mind 24/7.
  • Everyone can hear the screams, so at least it's not all in Thomas's head.
  • The kids ignore the noise as well as they can, and Minho decides they should all take a potty break.
  • Aris and Thomas talk for a bit. Aris's situation in the Maze was basically the exact same. The only differences were that Rachel (Thomas' equivalent) died, and more of the girl group survived.
  • Aris thinks that WICKED is either trying to weed both the best girls and boys out so that they can breed them, or that they're just trying to weed out the best group in general.
  • These are two really good observations.
  • Then Thomas sees a dark shadow a few hundred yards ahead of him next to a building. The boys all look up, and the screaming from the girl stops.
  • A figure of a girl appears.
  • Awww, yeah—stuff just got even creepier.

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