Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 23

By James Dashner

Chapter 23

  • When Thomas wakes up, a storm is brewing. Yeah, a storm in the desert.
  • Something tells us this might be a Variable.
  • Anyway, the boys start their march again but find an old guy lying in the sand underneath some blankets.
  • Thomas investigates, as he does with everything.
  • The man isn't dead, but he isn't moving, either. He just sort of blinks.
  • But then the man starts whispering, and Thomas makes out the words, "Storm coming... full of terror... brings out... stay away... bad people" (23.45). Great.
  • Then the man starts shouting, "Storm! Storm! Storm!" (23.46).
  • This is totally creepy, so the boys start running toward the city.