Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 25

By James Dashner

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Chapter 25

  • Inside the building, Thomas falls asleep. Shocker.
  • Then Thomas wakes up.
  • Then Thomas falls asleep again.
  • The next time Thomas wakes up, he's super hungry.
  • Thomas also notices that Minho's burns aren't too bad, so he should be okay.
  • The boys do a body count. There are only 11 of them remaining, which means that seven were lost in the storm. Winston and Jack are among the lost.
  • Everyone's all pretty distraught, when all the sudden, a Hispanic man appears on the roof.
  • Yep, this actually happens.
  • The man does a gymnastics somersault after jumping down from the roof; then he springs up to his feet.
  • The dude's name is Jorge, and he's the ruler of the Cranks.
  • Sweet.

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